This time disgusts me. The more of it that is revealed to me the more my gorge is raised. The Emperor beloved by all is dead. I have been told that he was laid low by Horus, his first found son. I can not imagine a situation in which one would wish to raise a hand to our lord father. He is…was perfect. To fight along side him, even to have him on the field of battle was to insight such complete and unwavering conviction that defeat was impossible. I have seen Horus, I have seen Russ in battle. How Horus could turn, even with these “dark gods” whispering in his ear is beyond me. And how Russ could abandon the Emperor’s grand vision of unification and let these fanatics take root in His Imperium sets my blood aflame. I do not want to just kill them. I want to destroy them. Tear them limb from limb, to murder their wayward sons and strike their name from history like that foolish 3rd legion….

My Nora lies still in a crypt upon Xanatos’ maiden vessel. I have given him my blood oath and me his. He shall bring my Nora back to me from where ever she drifts. I have been assured this is possible at least. It is this possibility that has given me purpose in such uncertain times.

I have met some legionaries from this new time. It seems that many of them share my pain, but their wounds have been scabbed over through the millennia. My are fresh and raw and do not heal. The 1000 Son Amon-Tsoka has been a confidant thus far. He seems to have an understanding of the events I have missed and assures me I am better for it. For my legion are now known as the World Eaters and have fallen in with idolaters and blood crazed maniacs. When available I wish to press him for more details about my gene father, about the heresy, and these xenos markings around my neck, no doubt the cause of the metal warriors on 20-201220

The Iron Legionnaire Svarog displays the tenacity and mettle that his past brothers have shown me in combat though he treads on thin ice. He seems quite confused as to who the War Hounds are and the facts of the Unification Wars. Such ignorance I suppose is understandable given the great breadth of time that has passed since those days. Insulting my legion and the great warriors that have bleed beside me is not and shall cost him dearly should he make a similar mistake. Honor demands it.

Of all the humans to skitter around at our feet the only one of any character is this bloviating pirate prince. I cannot recall his name, some long winded title proceeded it and I lost interest at our meeting. Besides him and the tech adept that travels with us I am surrounded by zealots. Our current mission has tested me sorely. Once already I have lost my calm and been forced to bring death to the believers. Amon-Tsoka says they are mislead and they are not the real enemy. But during the purge of those of faith on Terra it mattered not. Those who worship must be put to the sword.


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