Dark Empire

Victory At The Warp Gate

A few loosely connected thoughts

Continued from CORALAX and the INFINITE Legion

Our final battle was fought beyond the Warp Gate.

The sorcerer-lord of Coralax, Barrabas, had a mystic eye which allowed him to see ten hours into the future. He was defeated by obfuscating our presence and by making his fate inevitable.

Obermeister Helmut now controls the Infinite Legion fleet, but under my direction. The Obermeisters made common cause with us before their master’s demise, as they despised him and his control over them.

A few of the grey marines were freed of the mind-control by my power. With Barrabas removed, it is unknown how they will react, but many of them appeared to have once been loyalists.

I believe Obermeister Schenck felt a kinship with me.

Marquis Captain Lorraine’s help is of a dubious nature and his aid was at best a double-edged sword. He attempted to retain exclusive trading rights with the planet Xar and then state that my interference was honorless treachery, while claiming unconvincingly that he had no knowledge of us as a trading venture. He is highly intelligent and cunning, but he does not provide anything which we could not get somewhere else at half the price.

The populace of Xar believes themselves to be largely independent, but with the death of their Astartes warlord, it may be possible to bring them into the fold. The other inhabited areas should be easier to control.

Barrabas’ control was near absolute and he saw our intentions before we were aware of his powers. Using one of the Obermeisters as a puppet, he manipulated Jukar into nearly killing the lord of Xar, who was the only man in the system who could kill Barrabas. I was able to change this fate.

Perhaps Jukar is wiser now.


Warlock_Xanatos BloodyMalth

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