Dark Empire

Exiting Lacristy

Parolavicus defeated

Continued from Galactic supply run, Interlude With Orks, and Entering Lacristy

Although Arch Magos Seph has stymied my last effort to obtain the recording we discharged into the Egarian Dominion key, I believe there is still a possibility to retrieve the information. I had asked Magos Linus Nikor to use the servitor chassis he was controlling to record the transmission from the alien edifice to the key. He misunderstood and instead transmitted the recording to his current location in Seph’s fortress. This immediately alerted Seph to my intentions and when we next met, he insisted that this copy by destroyed; this was fine, as I was able to negotiate further terms for Erinyes and it is unlikely that the servitor’s transmission carried anything of use.

Let me explain: The servitor’s transmission would have been limited by its own ability to produce a signal, carrying only the information that fit within its limited servitor broadcast range and it is almost certain that the alien communication carried information well outside this range. Any information it did transmit would have likely been degraded by sharing the transmission with the information signals Magos Nikor was using to remotely control it. Nikor himself was unaware of this, most likely due to his only recent release from the dogmatic Mechanicus, who hardly understand the technology they wield.

The edifice to which we brought the key was undeniably of ancient xenos origin. More study is necessary, but that will have to wait for better times. It’s transmission of information was terrifying, it overloaded my suits auto-senses and rendered me unconscious. The underground level in which it was situated was leveled soon after and the above-mentioned recording servitor eliminated in the magma (Note: When I complete a base of operations, it will NOT have a self-destruct sequence. Perhaps even my enemies could learn something from my works).

Arch Magos Parolavicus would attack us twice more. As we left Lacristy in a shuttle, we learned that our servitor pilots were controlled by the Forge Master of Gamma. They attempted to bring us into the Gamma region, but we wrestled control of the shuttle from them after rendering them lifeless. Later, Parolavicus’ saboteurs would sneak aboard our transport to Ohm Erd and capture Magos Nikor. This opportunity came to them through the stubborn insistence of one of our own: Jukar of the War Hounds. An enginseer who had caught his eye on Lacristy was shuttled to our ship just before we left the system and the saboteurs were able to enter with the enginseer’s entourage.

Magos Nikor was rescued and the terraformers and personnel delivered to Ohm Erd.


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