Dark Empire

Interlude With Orks

Continued from Galactic supply run.

Following successful neutralization of the Black Templars, a beachhead – to use an old Terran military term – was established on the agricultural waystation and reinforcements were called in: Archaius Tigris of the Alpha Legion and Svarog of the Iron Warriors.

Each member of the warband assumed a pre-generated false I.D. which loosely corresponded to the identities of the deceased Black Templars. The origin of the false I.D.’s was further obfuscated by the ministrations of Magos Nikor with the addition of blood samples from the Templars.

We boarded the Dawn Treader with minimal difficulty and mingled as much as we could with the crew. Tigris, Svarog, and Jukar remained in their armour due to the neutral appearance of their protection, but I divested myself of my own for most of the journey.

I was unaware that Orks possessed the capabilities to trap ships traveling through the Empyrean, but we were violently pulled from our Warpspace journey by a psychic emergency created by the xenos. It is very likely that they were aided in this by denizens of the Astral Sea, as they were certainly aided by at least one daemon in the combat that erupted forthwith. Here, near the end of the 41st millennium, Imperial technology has degraded to such a point that Warp travel is exceedingly dangerous and occurrences such as this seem not to be uncommon.


The Navigator pulled us into Realspace after the Orks compromised the Gellar Field with a mucilaginous psychic projection. The emergency gave me, and the superstitious cultists of the Imperium, the opportunity to witness the warband in operation. Unlike many other renegades I have witnessed, they battled with structure and discipline, as if they still fought in the Great Crusade. For some of us, that is not far from the truth. My orders were instantly obeyed, but also coupled with the internalized proclivities of their own fighting styles. A power armoured weirdboy, his nobz, and a tide of the fungal xenos were defeated. We deliberately attacked in full regalia, so that later the hidebound primitives of the Imperial cult may know they were saved by their enemies, that is if they are ever able to ascertain our origin. Let them wonder, but today the warband earned a name.





Deadthey’reall dead.. They’re all dead.

THEYFAILEDHIM!!! Theymustdie
They must die. They….must….

Interlude With Orks
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