Dark Empire

A foot in the door

Station Varexis

Target number one: observation station Verxis…
The way in: front door.
Specifically, we will target a small meteor mining operation scheduled to make a drop at the space station and infiltrate the mining freighter “Sephnir” cargo_vessel_design_by_garr0t-d5gea8b.jpgwhich will deposit our agents in the space station.
Thereafter, the station software will receive a few key updates and there will be some personnel changes.
Data package to be delivered to Main data port on the 15th level: guards expected to be 2 skitarii and 4 human storm troopers.
Personnel exchanges: comms operator Ms Cellis to be extracted or terminated as circumstances dictate, and replaced with our operative Mrs Wilder. An impeccable forgery will be complete with the data upload.
Bosun Trask is to replace the Station Bosun: records show him to be named Dent: tough, stupid, and zealously ruthless. Normally armed with chainsword and bolt pistol, prob. carapace armour. Eliminate this target! Show evidence of “accidental” fate if possible.
6 other menial personnel to infiltrate: no extant agent action necessary.
Extraction: The chosen agents will return to the mining facility on the “Sephnir” mining vessel where Alpharius will collect them.
Good Hunting.


Other notes:
-The Krombakh is a deadly and predatorial plant species on the planet of Ohm Erda that is being systematically exterminated by the the Astartes stationed here. (A rumor exists that the plant species is being cultivated by a Necron.)
-The captain of the Sephnir mining vessel is Mr Boris Dey.
-Senator Bartholomew arranged for the former Bosun, Mr Dent, to “see the hopelessness of his situation and take his own life” as quoted by the Varexis Herald.
-Observation tour guide and bookie Faedric accepts bets for the Astartes duel: Iron Snake Maraz bests Red scorpion Baros in a 5 round duel. Underdog Iron snake wins 3-2 in 5 rounds. ($$200TG collected from aide Merek.)
-A 3-way treaty is proposed by a Winterscale diplomat to encourage collaboration with the Mechanicus and the Guilliam Dynasty.
-Cycle 112:03:15: Investigation reveals that an asteroid collision has destroyed the viability of mining site 10, personnel lost but equipment salvaged.

A foot in the door
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