The Recondium Oculus


Amulet of Tzeentch: Delved from the stacks of the One Archive on Recondium, The Recondium Oculus wasn’t immediately recognizable as an Amulet of Tzeentch. It’s appearance has changed radically over span of space-time that it has been kept by Amon-Tsoka, but it’s current character can be seen above.

Underneath the skin of the mechanism, churning instruments in perpetual motion encase the gleaming heart of The Recondium Oculus. Here, souls of the unprotected or unwary sometimes swirl beneath the glassy surface. It is unknown what cabalistic process causes the diffusion of psychic essence into the Oculus, but this property has eased negotiations within spectral Q’Sal, whose entire economic system is based on the exchange of souls.

Amon-Tsoka has studied the Recondium Oculus and has begun experimentation with the goal of understanding the reticent mysteries of the artifact.

The Recondium Oculus

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