Somnium VII Protista Nanites

“Like so much history here, it seems that no records exist, but we eradicated them for the Imperial Truth. Ironically, the similarity of their weaponry to the XVth Legion’s would be used as yet another stone to cast at us at the Council.”

- Amon-Tsoka

The remains of incredibly advanced alien hive cities, once-floating cathedrals, and monuments of xenoarchitecture lay scattered, drowned, and half buried in Somnia VIII. Far fewer is the detritus of semi-permanent human settlements, much more recent and left behind by desperate Rogue Traders fleeing the doom of Somnia VIII.

Passing Lathic and Thulian vessels have scanned no trace of life left upon the planet after the exodus of the Rogue Traders, yet Amon-Tsoka carries an artifact of this world within him. Within his augmented bloodstream flows the “Black Blood” – so called by the Mechanicus of the 41st millennium, but it is more properly known as the Somnium VIII Protista Nanites; a microscopic bio-engineered form of autosanguination.

Somnium VII Protista Nanites

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