Dark Empire

Victory At The Warp Gate
A few loosely connected thoughts

Continued from CORALAX and the INFINITE Legion

Our final battle was fought beyond the Warp Gate.

The sorcerer-lord of Coralax, Barrabas, had a mystic eye which allowed him to see ten hours into the future. He was defeated by obfuscating our presence and by making his fate inevitable.

Obermeister Helmut now controls the Infinite Legion fleet, but under my direction. The Obermeisters made common cause with us before their master’s demise, as they despised him and his control over them.

A few of the grey marines were freed of the mind-control by my power. With Barrabas removed, it is unknown how they will react, but many of them appeared to have once been loyalists.

I believe Obermeister Schenck felt a kinship with me.

Marquis Captain Lorraine’s help is of a dubious nature and his aid was at best a double-edged sword. He attempted to retain exclusive trading rights with the planet Xar and then state that my interference was honorless treachery, while claiming unconvincingly that he had no knowledge of us as a trading venture. He is highly intelligent and cunning, but he does not provide anything which we could not get somewhere else at half the price.

The populace of Xar believes themselves to be largely independent, but with the death of their Astartes warlord, it may be possible to bring them into the fold. The other inhabited areas should be easier to control.

Barrabas’ control was near absolute and he saw our intentions before we were aware of his powers. Using one of the Obermeisters as a puppet, he manipulated Jukar into nearly killing the lord of Xar, who was the only man in the system who could kill Barrabas. I was able to change this fate.

Perhaps Jukar is wiser now.

To expand an enlightened empire...

Governor Obermeister Helmut.
Federation of the Seven Guilds

Exiting Lacristy
Parolavicus defeated

Continued from Galactic supply run, Interlude With Orks, and Entering Lacristy

Although Arch Magos Seph has stymied my last effort to obtain the recording we discharged into the Egarian Dominion key, I believe there is still a possibility to retrieve the information. I had asked Magos Linus Nikor to use the servitor chassis he was controlling to record the transmission from the alien edifice to the key. He misunderstood and instead transmitted the recording to his current location in Seph’s fortress. This immediately alerted Seph to my intentions and when we next met, he insisted that this copy by destroyed; this was fine, as I was able to negotiate further terms for Erinyes and it is unlikely that the servitor’s transmission carried anything of use.

Let me explain: The servitor’s transmission would have been limited by its own ability to produce a signal, carrying only the information that fit within its limited servitor broadcast range and it is almost certain that the alien communication carried information well outside this range. Any information it did transmit would have likely been degraded by sharing the transmission with the information signals Magos Nikor was using to remotely control it. Nikor himself was unaware of this, most likely due to his only recent release from the dogmatic Mechanicus, who hardly understand the technology they wield.

The edifice to which we brought the key was undeniably of ancient xenos origin. More study is necessary, but that will have to wait for better times. It’s transmission of information was terrifying, it overloaded my suits auto-senses and rendered me unconscious. The underground level in which it was situated was leveled soon after and the above-mentioned recording servitor eliminated in the magma (Note: When I complete a base of operations, it will NOT have a self-destruct sequence. Perhaps even my enemies could learn something from my works).

Arch Magos Parolavicus would attack us twice more. As we left Lacristy in a shuttle, we learned that our servitor pilots were controlled by the Forge Master of Gamma. They attempted to bring us into the Gamma region, but we wrestled control of the shuttle from them after rendering them lifeless. Later, Parolavicus’ saboteurs would sneak aboard our transport to Ohm Erd and capture Magos Nikor. This opportunity came to them through the stubborn insistence of one of our own: Jukar of the War Hounds. An enginseer who had caught his eye on Lacristy was shuttled to our ship just before we left the system and the saboteurs were able to enter with the enginseer’s entourage.

Magos Nikor was rescued and the terraformers and personnel delivered to Ohm Erd.

Entering Lacristy
The third part

Continued from Galactic supply run and Interlude With Orks

The Erinyes were warmly greeted by Mechanicus factors upon making landing on Lacristy’s metal surface. As they believed us to be members of the Black Templars organization, we were housed within a mock up of an Imperial chapel they had constructed for “our” use. It was a relief that none of us felt the need to remark on the irony of the situation while laughing evilly.

The warband was instructed to go to ground and insinuate itself within the population to gather intelligence about local politics, economics, the possibility of hidden cults, and details concerning the mysterious “Project Lacristy”. This had mixed results. Svarog and Jukar are very straightforward Marines who need a lot explicit directions to operate effectively and don’t work well alone. Research into their non-combat capabilities needs to be done.

It should come as no surprise that even in his position as rearguard from the Dawn Treader, Archaius Tigris was the most effective of the warband as a spy: nearly all of our information of Lacristy came from our collaboration. A web of allies and enemies winds its way through the districts of this metal city, but most importantly we learned that Arch Magos Parolavicus is directly opposed to Seph and the former controls Project Lacristy. Tigris and myself believe that the project involves a Titan of some sort. We narrowly avoided being disrupted by Parolavicus twice: first through his political influence and secondly through the direct engagement of Combat Servitors, the latter of which could not be legally traced back to him.

Most of the groundwork for our negotiation with Arch Magos Seph had been done by Black Star Fleet operatives before we landed, but our investigations gave use an edge in the completion of the transaction. The terraforming equipment and personnel are on their way even as we complete a task for Seph. Small boons were arranged by both parties to help smooth out the arrangement of our agreement.

Interlude With Orks

Continued from Galactic supply run.

Following successful neutralization of the Black Templars, a beachhead – to use an old Terran military term – was established on the agricultural waystation and reinforcements were called in: Archaius Tigris of the Alpha Legion and Svarog of the Iron Warriors.

Each member of the warband assumed a pre-generated false I.D. which loosely corresponded to the identities of the deceased Black Templars. The origin of the false I.D.’s was further obfuscated by the ministrations of Magos Nikor with the addition of blood samples from the Templars.

We boarded the Dawn Treader with minimal difficulty and mingled as much as we could with the crew. Tigris, Svarog, and Jukar remained in their armour due to the neutral appearance of their protection, but I divested myself of my own for most of the journey.

I was unaware that Orks possessed the capabilities to trap ships traveling through the Empyrean, but we were violently pulled from our Warpspace journey by a psychic emergency created by the xenos. It is very likely that they were aided in this by denizens of the Astral Sea, as they were certainly aided by at least one daemon in the combat that erupted forthwith. Here, near the end of the 41st millennium, Imperial technology has degraded to such a point that Warp travel is exceedingly dangerous and occurrences such as this seem not to be uncommon.


The Navigator pulled us into Realspace after the Orks compromised the Gellar Field with a mucilaginous psychic projection. The emergency gave me, and the superstitious cultists of the Imperium, the opportunity to witness the warband in operation. Unlike many other renegades I have witnessed, they battled with structure and discipline, as if they still fought in the Great Crusade. For some of us, that is not far from the truth. My orders were instantly obeyed, but also coupled with the internalized proclivities of their own fighting styles. A power armoured weirdboy, his nobz, and a tide of the fungal xenos were defeated. We deliberately attacked in full regalia, so that later the hidebound primitives of the Imperial cult may know they were saved by their enemies, that is if they are ever able to ascertain our origin. Let them wonder, but today the warband earned a name.


Filling The Stockyards
Suggestion for a future Compact...

Lord Xanatos, In Midnight Clad

I have just recently begun preparations for my first project. To facilitate industry and trade, I started research into the creation of a daemon engine of a much larger scope than an artillery piece on the field of battle. Though my idea germinated from a desire to ease the difficulties of trading with faraway Q’sal, there are multifarious and indiscriminate applications for a machine capable of stripping the living body of its spirit essence and transmogrifying it into a malleable form, ready for transport or employment.

I will need personnel of unrelenting character and broad intelligence. The highly technological nature of this enterprise cannot be overstated and sundry individuals of the so-called Dark Mechanicum will be vital to my work. I know that here, in the Black Star Fleet, our resources of the arcane are limited, so I will simply ask that you grant me the assets necessary to acquire aspiring sorcerers, thrall wizards, and malefic lore. I shall have to travel an enormous amount to procure the materials and the design-lore that I need, so transportation will be necessary, as will the strong arm of good warriors. Lastly, and second in importance only to the presence of the retrograde Martians, I will need a highly experienced diplomat and profiteer.

Once finished, the Stockyards will be housed and protected from the Warp in my Gymnasium. There, not only will we be capable of producing a ready supply of the only type of coin that Q’sal accepts, but it will also provide an indispensable resource for further sorcerous use and a terrifying capital punishment for your enemies.

Sorcerer Amon-Tsoka
All Is Dust

  • Primary Objective: Ready a chassis for the creation of the stockyards.
  • Secondary Objective: The type of shell best used for this project must be discerned. Q’Sal, Guelph, Ghibelline, and the War Moons of Talax produce infamous daemon engines known throughout the segmenta. Information can be gleaned from those locations.
  • Secondary Objective: Once the type of chassis to be used is known, a suitable example must be discovered. Though the above four worlds may be able to procure housing for even this type of daemon engine, the prices they charge are exorbitant.
  • Secondary Objective: Transport all material necessary for the construction of the stockyards back to the Black Start Fleet.
  • Secondary Objective: Transform the chassis from raw material into a finished framework for an artifact. This will most likely be accomplished through sorcery, ritual, sacrifice and engineering, but other skills may be necessary.
A Foot Out of the Door...
Personal journal of former Paramount Gaius Arcadius

continued from It Was A Chuff Toice

Secondary Objectives:

Replace the Comms officer, killing her if needed, kidnapping preferred
Kill the Bosun and replace him, make it look like an accident
Insert Data packet into 15th floor main data port
Tertiary Objectives: SECRETS….?

Dedicated to Nanaya (aspect of Slaanesh): +5 Fel, any one of us may assume the visage of this goddess and gain +1 Fear Rating.

Mission Note: Ensure success of primary and secondary objectives to keep Brask out of squad command.

Archaius won a match against the Red Scorpion whilst pretending to be a combat servitor. Linus installed the data packet on level 15. I won a bet and now have a meeting with Magos Marcadavian, w/personal cog of the primary Magos on the station.

Vasimalcrum hates everyone, Denrik wants more operations, Verona hates everyone, Sen. Barth is a super hotty, very mercurial; saying that he has xenos compliments, kind of a liberal; Magos Marcadavian is super boring.

Meeting with Marcadavian: Lathes wants a foothold in the region; think new governorship is needed. Would develop a relationship with new rulers. 18 months would be needed for new trade route, Giliam are ok with that. Can approve of hardware being an investment. Lathes would support a “Winterscale” for new leadership in the region. Only real Winterscale is the “assassin slut” who only knows protocol, per Marcadavian.

Comms Officer – endearing myself to her, joined her in bowling alley. She is incredibly bright and therefore bored, and also lack of opportunity to excel. Also, she was disciplined for not excelling, which has made her sort of discontent. Mentioned that Personnel manager is right wing fascist; responsible for 1037 deaths, mostly executions for failures, some people have just gone missing, about 200 were flogged to death.

Have Comms officer send a message to Bosun “from” the Governor, Red Scorpions are searching for makar (? illicit drug of some sort). Very important that it seems to come from the Governor….sooo….message was sent, apparently someone misunderstood, so some space marines and storm troopers found contraband in the Bosun’s quarters. The Bosun is now going to be executed. We now have to actually get out replacement legitimately installed. Reduvius has been oddly silent about his success…

Reduvius was taken by stormtroopers, but while in an elevator he invoked a psychic power that ended up obliterating the elevator and everyone inside. “He” somehow survived, and now Merek (whose utter insubordination will have to be dealt with soon) is bringing some manner of cargo container to Reduvius’ position to help convey him covertly back to Docking Bay C.

Convinced the Comms officer to willingly leave her station, the replacement and her are spending 8 hours discussing recent activities to help improve her cover. I’ve sealed the door with an order requiring three times as many high level clearances before my quarters can be searched by security. She believes I’m a Winterscale.

Sen. Bart: can assassinate the Bosun, can also provide transport for our Bosun candidate to make him arrive on station from a new vantage point. Also, Sen. Bartholomew took a drop of my blood. He thinks the Winterscales are going to provide the Gilliam Dynasty with extra resources so the Gilliams can make a claim on the world with the adamantium. This should help destabilize the area.

Our new Bosun was brought aboard under Sen. Bart’s Ficault Trans. connection. I rallied the people and created a wave of enthusiasm for the new Bosun, “a man of the people!”

Brought the Lady Delilah aboard our ship and back to the Sephnir (the mining vessel); Merek is keeping her sedated for now.

Refer to incident 146 when getting through the Foreman at the checkpoint. The foreman from the asteroid referred him to a promotion and he now earns 9 times his original pay. Mention this up front and we can probably get through the VIP exit and bypass the scans.

Code 1-2 on alarm on the other side, through the red door with the “alarm will sound” sign.

Galactic supply run
Intel is being gathered for the next mission...

“Dawn Treader”

Captain Hank Gregory McNorty. Weakness: son (on board and being groomed)
Lacristy contact: Seph. Arch Magos. Epsilon quadrant. Convince him to deploy the new mark VIII terraformers along with a 1000 strong personnel detail to man the machinery.
Astartes enemies on board the Dawn Treader: 5 Black Templars (bolters, chainswords, pistols. 1 Fist, 1melta) Siege shields.
Kill the Templars.
Return voyage on the “Eternal Glory”

The Thousand Son sorcerer Amon-Tsoka was invested with the office of the Anointed in this Undertaking. Three fire selectors for Legion bolters and mystic drugs were obtained to aid in completion of this work. War Hound Jukar has pledged elimination of straightforward threats in battle and warfare. Idolitrex Magos Nikor has pledged the removal, indoctrination, and/or confusion of threats stemming from technology, machine-spirits, and their masters, the Priests of Mars. Ragged Helix Marquis-Captain Lorraine has pledged to provide successful transit throughout the Compact. Amon-Tsoka has pledged aid in infiltration and elimination of psychic threats as well as taking up the mantle of the Anointed. The influence of the Primordial Deceivers has been abnegated.

Method 1: Engage the Dawn Treader in a full scale assault with the backing of the Black Star Fleet. The attack is to be used as a feint so that the warband may stow upon the loyalist Dawn Treader while the Black Star Fleet retreats. The Black Templars onboard the Dawn Treader must be eliminated before the warband disappears into the deep shadows of the ship. The warband is to disembark when the ship reaches Lacristy.

Method 2a: Using his own ship, Marquis-Captain Lorraine is to rendezvous with the Dawn Treader. The warband will sneak onboard while the Marquis masquerades as an Imperial merchant trader. Then they will proceed as above.

Method2b: The warband will hide aboard Marquis-Captain Lorraine’s ship as he navigates the bureaucracy of the Imperium and the tides of space in order to anchor in orbit of Lacristy himself. Then the warband will disembark as in Method 1.

Method 3: The warband is to eliminate the Black Templars before they rendezvous with the Dawn Treader. Then, using specially coded gene-signatures, the warband will board the Dawn Treader in place of the loyalists and will travel to Lacristy as stipulated above.


Primary Objective:

Secondary Obectives:

  • Destroy Black Templars. COMPLETED
  • Transmit successfully to Lacristy. COMPLETED
  • Convince, coerce, or steal. Arch Magos Seph must deploy the Mark VIII terraformers to Ohm Erd. COMPLETED
  • Convince, coerce, or kidnap. A force of one thousand skilled personnel must journey to Ohm Erd so that the machinery can be used and maintained. COMPLETED
It Was A Chuff Toice
Personal journal of former Paramount Gaius Arcadius


Reina Noctis – ship we’re on, currently in the southern ends of the Unbeholden Reaches.

Warlord Xanatos, greatly feared, delegates much , attempting to carve out his own. Dangerous, but not ruthless. Factotum Crownheart, has vigils of the future and Xanatos takes this seriously and acts on these visions. Fought Black Legion recently, has one imprisoned perhaps. Scores of ships, members of at least 5 legions in his warbands. Reduvius is an honored guest. Is in need of imperial agents for diplomacy. Forming a pact of demon hunters (rumor), killed an alpha legionnaire (rumor) which causes alpha legionnaires to rankle sometimes, Zaka is an ancient legionnaire on the other ship (interrupted a firing squad and murdered all of them, brought the target of execution aboard, good at dealing with underdeck slaves), stay out of his way (do not joke about death or violence around him, he will take it seriously, has an axe, very violent).

Infiltrate Varexis station, replace the comms officer with a plant (original can be killed or removed as needed), kill the Bosun and replace him, provide for 6 other agents of Xanatos to infiltrate. Install data dump on 15th level at main data port. Infiltration/Exfiltration is to be achieved by a infiltration of one of 10 asteroids being mined, disable defenses, assume identities of humans there, put servitors under our control, and take the loading vessel back to the main mining vessel, the Seraph. We will be loaded aboard the Varexis along with 200 other mining teams. We will have 28 hour leave after our supposed 12 day mining rotation. Operation is to be completed during that 28 hour window, after which we will head back to the original asteroid and meet with Xanatos’ contact.

2 red scorpions aboard the station

Xanatos has a distraction at the ready, xenos raiders

Factotum Crownheart is in Suite 101, submit all requisitions to him as we are not known to the official fleet bureaucracy.

Gov. Athelwe, commander of the station, known to be susceptible to charm, has poisoned 7 husbands in the last century.

RT Jeremiah established the station. Concomint mines contain hardest substance in the galaxy; hostile environ. 3 hives are only safe living spaces. Station is in depths of system, acts as sensor and defense post. Liason to the Lacrysty tech worlds (base of operations for the mechanicus)

Mission: To infiltrate Varexis outpost, a massive station away from the mining outposts. It acts as a defense for the mines and a base for the workers. It’s massive, with hundreds of thousands of personnel and over a dozen floors. Most of the mined material is sent to Lacristy, in an attempt to replicate the success of the Lathe worlds by turning the former into a Forge World powerhouse. Provide for 6 other agents of Xanatos to infiltrate. Once we are on station, we will have 28 hour leave after our supposed 12 day mining rotation. Operation is to be completed during that 28 hour window, after which we will head back to the original asteroid and meet with Xanatos’ contact.
10 mining operations. We are to pick one to arrive at and then disguise ourselves and take over the identity of miners that we remove. Combat servitors guarding sit, destroy or put under our control and disable defenses.
Take the loading vessel back to the main mining vessel, the Seraph. We will be loaded aboard the Varexis along with 200 other mining teams
Software in our possession must be uploaded to their main datastream. We can access this on the 15th floor. The 15th floor is guarded by stormtroopers with carapace armour, hot-shot las, and plasma. Possible presence of servitors and/or skiitari.
The main comms officer must be coerced or kidnapped. Failing that, she is to be killed. In either case, she will be replaced by one of our infiltrators.
The station’s bosun must be killed. It should look like an accident if possible.
Opponents will mainly be combat servitors. There are one or two skiitari, and a couple of Astartes: Iron Snakes and Red Scorpions.

From Data slate:
10 mining operations in asteroid belt
Station was just finished building 20 years ago (10% archeotech, largely STC)

Bonus objective: hob knob with members of the Consortium wing. Best bet is to act as a Winterscale agent. However, Winterscale and Blitz are at war, and Winterscale and Blitz each have a separate relationship with House Gilliam. So making any overtures to Gilliam while Verona (codename of assassin who is representing Blitz interests on station) is present will sink the whole deal (and maybe blow my cover).

Notable personages on the station:
Senator Bartholomew, rep of Gilliam Empire
Magos Marcadavian, Lathic tech diplomat. Most amenable to different interests, everyone does deals with them.

For the group: +10 to all interaction tests (Fel or Int based, may use whichever is better for you) with non-officer laymen on the mining facility. This comes from dossier on mining operations.

Personal Req for Gaius: Best craftsmanship Refractor field; Winterscale Signet ring, belonged to the great great grandson of the Winterscale realm, so it’s 100% legit, but I will be instantly found out if a member of the Winterscale family sees me with it.

Mission 1 Compact:
Primary Objective: Successfully insert Warlord Xanatos’ agents & the data packet to Varexis station.

A foot in the door
Station Varexis

Target number one: observation station Verxis…
The way in: front door.
Specifically, we will target a small meteor mining operation scheduled to make a drop at the space station and infiltrate the mining freighter “Sephnir” cargo_vessel_design_by_garr0t-d5gea8b.jpgwhich will deposit our agents in the space station.
Thereafter, the station software will receive a few key updates and there will be some personnel changes.
Data package to be delivered to Main data port on the 15th level: guards expected to be 2 skitarii and 4 human storm troopers.
Personnel exchanges: comms operator Ms Cellis to be extracted or terminated as circumstances dictate, and replaced with our operative Mrs Wilder. An impeccable forgery will be complete with the data upload.
Bosun Trask is to replace the Station Bosun: records show him to be named Dent: tough, stupid, and zealously ruthless. Normally armed with chainsword and bolt pistol, prob. carapace armour. Eliminate this target! Show evidence of “accidental” fate if possible.
6 other menial personnel to infiltrate: no extant agent action necessary.
Extraction: The chosen agents will return to the mining facility on the “Sephnir” mining vessel where Alpharius will collect them.
Good Hunting.


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