Svarog, veteran of the Iron Warriors 2nd Grand Company


Clad in Mk V Heresy armour, painted in the dull gray metal and yellow and black chevrons of the Iron Warriors. His helmet is not environmentally sealed, and his bitter, hard set eyes glower from within.

When possible, he has extra armour plating bolted to the chest, and a brace of mid range weaponry and grenades. Recently he claimed a chainsword from a foe felled by the warband. It is distastefully marked with the emblems of the Black Templars, the undisciplined, self-righteous spawn of the Imperial Fists.


Svarog is a bitter, resentful Iron Warrior. Having served since the Heresy, Svarog became disillusioned with his Legion after they fled into the Eye of Terror, and thinks that both his Legion and his Primarch have betrayed the principles of the Iron Warriors.

During the civil war on Medrengard, the Iron Warriors’ fortress world, Svarog fled with countless other Iron Warriors. Believing the Warsmiths in charge of the Grand Companies to be petty, and weak, he forsook his Legion, hoping instead to find a way to adhere to the Legion’s principles away from Medrengard.

He is now in the employ of Xanatos, where he destroys without mercy any who oppose the Warlord.


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