Merek Simon


The sanctioned psyker Merek Simon has served as trusted adviser and confidant to the then Planetary Governor of Archaos for over a decade. As personal aide to Governor Gaius Arcadius he was trusted with privileged information that few others would ever see. It was during an annual audit that Merek had come across records that implicated Governor Gaius in the tithe tampering of Tempesta. Merek had developed a close bond with his Governor so this apparent corruption tore at his faith in the infallibility of the Imperium. For a time he gathered any information he could on the subject, hoping to compound evidence that would prove that this was all some mistake. However as time passed, he found only more proof of his friend’s involvement.

A conspiracy of such magnitude was sure to infiltrate all branches of the Administrtum so Merek could seek help nowhere on planet. Using his psykana resanctification renewal to take him off planet, Merek found his way out of system and into the arms of an Inquisitor by the name of Genji Shikibu. To her, Merek gave all the evidence needed to begin an inquiry. He would go back to serve Governor Gaius and further reveal his treachery and that of his accomplices. Upon his voyage back to Archaos however, something changed…

In transit, an entity of the warp breached the Geller field of the Solemn Truth and its grip found purchase on the shaken mind of Merek Simon. The possession was quick and subtle without ostentation: It slid past his defenses like blood through sand and by the time Merek realized the nightmare was real, it was too late. The daemon had taken root, with guile and cunning Merek did not know could exist and watched with a silent whimper as it took from him any semblance of control.

Merek had been trained to resist the daemon should it ever touch his soul. But no training had ever prepared him for this creature, for it possessed a shrewd cunning far beyond his capacity to handle. It was a daemon unlike anything he had been prepared for and in its infection it used his psychic power to solidify its existence within him. He had become a battery for the thing and every bit of his psychic might had gone into creating a barrier with dual purpose. To feed the thing that now controlled him, and to prevent it from being driven out. Somehow, the sanctioning that he had undergone so long ago had been used against him to create a diamond palace within which the creature would now live.

Merek stumbled to his mirror and let out one last pathetic sigh as his mind took a back seat to the actions of his new host.


Merek Simon

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