Jukar of the War Hounds


Herculean build, Mrk III plate, and duel chain axes, Jukar is a warrior heralding from terra. Veteran of the Unification wars the warrior has many traits in common with the now dead Thunder warriors.


Jukar was part of a joint task force of Night Lords VII, War Hounds XII , and the Ultramarines XIII. Their grand mission, to find one of the lost sons of the Emperor, Roboute Guilliman, and pacify all worlds on their path. Thus far Horus, Leman Russ, Ferrus Manus, Fulgrim, Vulkan, and Rogal Dorn had all be reunited with their brothes. Jukar like his brother War Hounds, had a proclivity for melee combat and due to his mighty frame and strength, even among astartes, had been assigned to the assault company within the group.

This is not all he had been assigned with. Upon exiting Terra Jukar had been coupled with a rememberancer named Nora D’fiel. Initially Jukar was outraged by the shackles that an artist would represent. However as time passed and the blood shed of combat became a distant memory Jukar had begun to grow fond of the human artist. The turning point was upon the field of battle. Nora had screamed out a warning to Jukar. He turned slightly before the sniper round hit him. Later he was notified that had he not turned at the last minute the round would have struck his head instead of his neck. In the recovery ward Nora presented him with an artistic rendition of the shot. Jukar found that her art work portrayed the reality of the battle field with non of the frills and yet it echoed the purpose of the mission.

From then on Jukar had developed a very close relationship with Nora, one that his fellow brothers would often comment on, though he cared little for their opinions. He was blinded by the problems that such closeness to a human could present on the battle field. When confronted he sited that her welfare was his duty bestowed upon him by the Malcador the Sigillite and he would do his duty. Though citation of his duty was becoming more of a mask to justify his fondness of her at this point.

During a mission to the surface of 20-201220 Jukar and his battle group had been sent to investigate alien energy signatures. Upon the ziggurat studded surface the battle group was immediately set upon by an unregistered Xenos race. At the time the enemy was believed to be robots that used highly advanced disrupter technology. But even the metal framed aliens were no match for the concentrated fire of bolters and the vicious hand to hand combat the War Hounds and Night Lords unleashed.

The resulting battle had awakened an ancient weapon that set forth from atop the largest and centralized ziggurat. The resulting wave obliterated the site of the battle, leaving a clean cut sphere from the rocken stone as the only evidence that something was there. This was not where the battle would end however as the green obliterating sphere that cast its light from the epicenter of the battle was actually a phase shifting device that transported the battle company and the very earth beneath them to another dimension.

In a gut wrenching pull Jukar found himself where he last stood though he was in an entirely different place. The ground beneath him was as solid as it had been but it was as if a large part of the land had been plucked from its resting place and suspended in space. It was a plane akin to the oddity of the warp, with vibrant hues of purple and pink star dust swirling like a misty haze. The battle continued and surging forward the astartes battled their way to the master structure. The fighting was easy at first. The defenders were ponderously slow to react to their presence and suffered horribly for it. But as they came closer to the center the defenders showed more spirit and tactical acumen.

The battle raged on, and on, and on. In this plane of existence it seemed as if time moved in odd increments, sometimes surging forward, some times taking an eternity. It was unknown to Jukar just how long they spent assaulting and inevitably entering the command pylon but when he did the battle group had been whittled down by a third. As the battle continued within the confines of the archeotech temple the battle brothers were separated and whittled down, some achieving wanton destruction others simply disappeared without a trace.

Jukar found himself with only a Night Lord, a critically wounded Ultramarine Techmarine, and Nora as company. Reluctantly interfacing with the alien technology the Techmarine found that the only way to exit from this odd dimension was to ensure the Destruction of the main power source. A task that would likely result in their deaths regardless as the resulting blast would likely ravage the facility itself. Leaving the Techmarine to his fate the others ventured on and with the remote help of the Ultramarine, achieved their objective. The temple began to shake itself apart as it began to tear from what ever realm it had been back into real space.

In that moment an opportunity presented itself. The last act of the Ultramarine was to direct them to what could only be a docking bay. As the monolith passed briefly through the warp Jukar and company fought their way to the dock and there found an alien ship. Though the resistance there was far beyond what they were able to handle. Looking back at Nora Jukar smiled and plunged into the fray, hoping beyond hope that at least he could hold the tide long enough for the Night Lord and Nora to speed away. He fought with everything he had, bringing his chain axe and combat blade in lightening strikes felling as many foes as he could, as quickly as he could. Still their numbers and tenacity was too great. They began to pour past him and onto the Night lord. They would not make it. It was then that the Monolith slipped from the stagnant waters of its ethereal dimension into the harsh ripping tide of the warp. And in that brief moment a voice spoke to Jukar. For all his fury he could not win against his enemy, unless….

It is still unclear exactly what had happened in that moment but what was clear to him was that he must succeed, for her. In a fit or rage he redoubled his efforts, slaying the metallic beasts with greater fervor then he knew he could muster. It was a swirling melee and yet he did not feel satiated. There was something lacking in the gratification of the kill. In the last moments Jukar unleashed the last of his pent up rage and anger striking the last alien in an X pattern across its breast. The metal alien fell apart and Jukar quickly spun on his heel to hurry Nora into the vessel. To his horror she stood not an arms length behind him clutching the eviscerating wound he had just caused her in his back swing. Rushing to her side she fell limp in his arms and the Night Lord screamed to his companion to get aboard the ship.

Reinforcements had continued to come from behind them snapping Jukar from his state. Running aboard with nora in arms the ship launched itself into the angry eye of swirling warp torrent before them and a heart beat later they erupted into real space. Jukar held Nora in his arms swallowed by sorrow and regret as her life’s blood left her heart beat at a time. She tried to speak but the blood overcame her words and before long she drew her last shuttering breath.

The Night Lord’s words snapped into clarity as he warned Jukar that they were far from harms way. A foreign ship had just pulled them into its dock. That very moment the resounding slam of docking clamps were heard. Stepping out their vessel Jukar reverently carrying Nora’s limp form and the Nightlord exited meeting their fate head on. To their surprise they were met by a host of astartes. Few of them had recognizable sigils and further still their armor bore a striking distinction from their own.

In a threatening manner a World Eater told Jukar to drop the bag of meat in his arms. Jukar replied that he would kill the man who touched his charge. Laughing at such a threat the World Eater blustered forward and reached to tear Nora from his grasp. The second the World Eater’s hand brushed against her flesh Jukar spun on his heel moving her from harms way. He continued spinning until again he faced the World eater and with a closed mailed fist struck the warrior in the throat shattering the weaker neck armor and pulverizing the base of his spine. The World eater stumbled back thrashing at his neck before falling to the ground in a final death spasm. Enraged Zakkra launched himself at Jukar but was called off by a voice from the darkness.

Zakkra held himself, barely, convulsing with rage. He took strikes past Jukar and released his fury on and around the ship in which they had arrived in. Some unfortunate ratings nearby were pulled into his fury. From the shadows a night lord emerged. “You may prove useful”.

Jukar of the War Hounds

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