The Curse of Amon-Tsoka


Amon-Tsoka has been secreted in the Warp, fine-tuning the Cardinal Model. The sacrifice of Vladsburg will be the last step.

Though Ahriman has become the slave of Fate and Magnus has retreated into depressed solitude, Amon-Tsoka seeks a way out from under Tzeentch’s claws. He understands the nature of the Warp better than most and through this knowledge seeks to dominate its denizens or at least break free from them. He refutes that all knowledge, schemes and psychic power come from Tzeentch: since the entity is coalesced Warp energy, similar to a blood clot, and Warp energy comes from the minds of sapients, men should be the masters of the so-called Chaos Gods, not their slaves. In a way, he hates Tzeentch, even as he is its devoted servant.


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