Dark Empire

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“Dawn Treader”

Captain Hank Gregory McNorty. Weakness: son (on board and being groomed)
Lacristy contact: Seph. Arch Magos. Epsilon quadrant. Convince him to deploy the new mark VIII terraformers along with a 1000 strong personnel detail to man the machinery.
Astartes enemies on board the Dawn Treader: 5 Black Templars (bolters, chainswords, pistols. 1 Fist, 1melta) Siege shields.
Kill the Templars.
Return voyage on the “Eternal Glory”

The Thousand Son sorcerer Amon-Tsoka was invested with the office of the Anointed in this Undertaking. Three fire selectors for Legion bolters and mystic drugs were obtained to aid in completion of this work. War Hound Jukar has pledged elimination of straightforward threats in battle and warfare. Idolitrex Magos Nikor has pledged the removal, indoctrination, and/or confusion of threats stemming from technology, machine-spirits, and their masters, the Priests of Mars. Ragged Helix Marquis-Captain Lorraine has pledged to provide successful transit throughout the Compact. Amon-Tsoka has pledged aid in infiltration and elimination of psychic threats as well as taking up the mantle of the Anointed. The influence of the Primordial Deceivers has been abnegated.

Method 1: Engage the Dawn Treader in a full scale assault with the backing of the Black Star Fleet. The attack is to be used as a feint so that the warband may stow upon the loyalist Dawn Treader while the Black Star Fleet retreats. The Black Templars onboard the Dawn Treader must be eliminated before the warband disappears into the deep shadows of the ship. The warband is to disembark when the ship reaches Lacristy.

Method 2a: Using his own ship, Marquis-Captain Lorraine is to rendezvous with the Dawn Treader. The warband will sneak onboard while the Marquis masquerades as an Imperial merchant trader. Then they will proceed as above.

Method2b: The warband will hide aboard Marquis-Captain Lorraine’s ship as he navigates the bureaucracy of the Imperium and the tides of space in order to anchor in orbit of Lacristy himself. Then the warband will disembark as in Method 1.

Method 3: The warband is to eliminate the Black Templars before they rendezvous with the Dawn Treader. Then, using specially coded gene-signatures, the warband will board the Dawn Treader in place of the loyalists and will travel to Lacristy as stipulated above.


Primary Objective:

Secondary Obectives:

  • Destroy Black Templars. COMPLETED
  • Transmit successfully to Lacristy. COMPLETED
  • Convince, coerce, or steal. Arch Magos Seph must deploy the Mark VIII terraformers to Ohm Erd. COMPLETED
  • Convince, coerce, or kidnap. A force of one thousand skilled personnel must journey to Ohm Erd so that the machinery can be used and maintained. COMPLETED


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