Dark Empire

Filling The Stockyards

Suggestion for a future Compact...

Lord Xanatos, In Midnight Clad

I have just recently begun preparations for my first project. To facilitate industry and trade, I started research into the creation of a daemon engine of a much larger scope than an artillery piece on the field of battle. Though my idea germinated from a desire to ease the difficulties of trading with faraway Q’sal, there are multifarious and indiscriminate applications for a machine capable of stripping the living body of its spirit essence and transmogrifying it into a malleable form, ready for transport or employment.

I will need personnel of unrelenting character and broad intelligence. The highly technological nature of this enterprise cannot be overstated and sundry individuals of the so-called Dark Mechanicum will be vital to my work. I know that here, in the Black Star Fleet, our resources of the arcane are limited, so I will simply ask that you grant me the assets necessary to acquire aspiring sorcerers, thrall wizards, and malefic lore. I shall have to travel an enormous amount to procure the materials and the design-lore that I need, so transportation will be necessary, as will the strong arm of good warriors. Lastly, and second in importance only to the presence of the retrograde Martians, I will need a highly experienced diplomat and profiteer.

Once finished, the Stockyards will be housed and protected from the Warp in my Gymnasium. There, not only will we be capable of producing a ready supply of the only type of coin that Q’sal accepts, but it will also provide an indispensable resource for further sorcerous use and a terrifying capital punishment for your enemies.

Sorcerer Amon-Tsoka
All Is Dust

  • Primary Objective: Ready a chassis for the creation of the stockyards.
  • Secondary Objective: The type of shell best used for this project must be discerned. Q’Sal, Guelph, Ghibelline, and the War Moons of Talax produce infamous daemon engines known throughout the segmenta. Information can be gleaned from those locations.
  • Secondary Objective: Once the type of chassis to be used is known, a suitable example must be discovered. Though the above four worlds may be able to procure housing for even this type of daemon engine, the prices they charge are exorbitant.
  • Secondary Objective: Transport all material necessary for the construction of the stockyards back to the Black Start Fleet.
  • Secondary Objective: Transform the chassis from raw material into a finished framework for an artifact. This will most likely be accomplished through sorcery, ritual, sacrifice and engineering, but other skills may be necessary.


Warlock_Xanatos BloodyMalth

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