Dark Empire

Entering Lacristy

The third part

Continued from Galactic supply run and Interlude With Orks

The Erinyes were warmly greeted by Mechanicus factors upon making landing on Lacristy’s metal surface. As they believed us to be members of the Black Templars organization, we were housed within a mock up of an Imperial chapel they had constructed for “our” use. It was a relief that none of us felt the need to remark on the irony of the situation while laughing evilly.

The warband was instructed to go to ground and insinuate itself within the population to gather intelligence about local politics, economics, the possibility of hidden cults, and details concerning the mysterious “Project Lacristy”. This had mixed results. Svarog and Jukar are very straightforward Marines who need a lot explicit directions to operate effectively and don’t work well alone. Research into their non-combat capabilities needs to be done.

It should come as no surprise that even in his position as rearguard from the Dawn Treader, Archaius Tigris was the most effective of the warband as a spy: nearly all of our information of Lacristy came from our collaboration. A web of allies and enemies winds its way through the districts of this metal city, but most importantly we learned that Arch Magos Parolavicus is directly opposed to Seph and the former controls Project Lacristy. Tigris and myself believe that the project involves a Titan of some sort. We narrowly avoided being disrupted by Parolavicus twice: first through his political influence and secondly through the direct engagement of Combat Servitors, the latter of which could not be legally traced back to him.

Most of the groundwork for our negotiation with Arch Magos Seph had been done by Black Star Fleet operatives before we landed, but our investigations gave use an edge in the completion of the transaction. The terraforming equipment and personnel are on their way even as we complete a task for Seph. Small boons were arranged by both parties to help smooth out the arrangement of our agreement.


I hate this place. We have been stuffed into a den for zealots and idolaters. I stand here seething in the obnoxious plums of incense. They reek of weakness. It is no wonder the Emperor, beloved by all, had gone to such lengths to removed this stain from our race.

I have found one man who has tempered my ill mood. A tech Adept named Shar. He has not openly displayed the dogma of his ilk which I find surprising. More surprising still is the evidence of the artisan I find within him. His skills became evident to me when I visited his lab whilst he was away. He reminds me of someone I cared about very deeply…

Entering Lacristy

I prepare to make way to the inner core of the planet. I am warned that the surface conditions are…inhospitable, but it will not stop me. We drop. Rattle, shake, bang bang, we rocket down. It reminds me of an assault pod. I smile. The bay doors open and I thunder out. It is hot and the pressure is intense. My range finder is re-calibrated. My boots thunder upon the rocken ground, the fiber musculature compensating for the added resistance. 4 silhouettes ahead, obscured by the haze.

5 steps from cover. I catch sight of my enemy in the mist. Through the dense purple haze they take upon the specter of a past enemy. The iron skinned xenos on 20-201220. I feel as if I have plunged into the depths of the coldest ocean, the ice water burning my lungs as it forces its way through my nose. My hands are covered in blood, her blood. My chain axe spurring, sending speckles of her life fluid across my grieves. Her eyes large, pupils dilated. I have killed her, with these hands I let in the rage that leads me to victory, but steals from me worth. She is what the Emperor’s great crusade is for. To create a world for people like her. And I…

My back is against the rock, my gauntlets are open before me. Amon-Tsoka stares at me. I am angry, very angry. I will take my failure out upon them.

Entering Lacristy


The item which was to be used as remuneration for the the transport of goods and personnel turned out to be a xenos device capable of receiving an auditory transmission, this transmission may be a key to opening alien vaults in the Egarian Dominion. Since we were present at the point of transmission, it may be possible to recreate the key from our audio receptors.

The Black Templars killed a beast at the waystation, but it was not for sport. They were attempting to fulfill a bargain with Arch Magos Seph’s loremaster. We ensured the safe transport of the marrow of the beast to holding cells once we knew of its value to the Loremaster (and our cover), but not before combat servitors attacked us on a bullet train. They assuredly received orders from Arch Magos Parolavicus, though not directly and certainly it is not provable.

Jukar negotiated with Arch Magos Seph for a human in the way one would buy an animal. It was poorly done, but still Seph released this man to follow us through the stars if he wished; Jukar still misunderstood, he may understand duty and position only through a type of comitatus.

I have procrastinated too long in educating Jukar of the reality of the galaxy we live in.

The Loremaster has left with me the greatest of his treasures, but I believe he will seek me out some day. I have left him with the name of “Amon-Tsoka” and a warning to not inquire after it, lest he wish doom himself.

Entering Lacristy
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