Dark Empire

A Foot Out of the Door...

Personal journal of former Paramount Gaius Arcadius

continued from It Was A Chuff Toice

Secondary Objectives:

Replace the Comms officer, killing her if needed, kidnapping preferred
Kill the Bosun and replace him, make it look like an accident
Insert Data packet into 15th floor main data port
Tertiary Objectives: SECRETS….?

Dedicated to Nanaya (aspect of Slaanesh): +5 Fel, any one of us may assume the visage of this goddess and gain +1 Fear Rating.

Mission Note: Ensure success of primary and secondary objectives to keep Brask out of squad command.

Archaius won a match against the Red Scorpion whilst pretending to be a combat servitor. Linus installed the data packet on level 15. I won a bet and now have a meeting with Magos Marcadavian, w/personal cog of the primary Magos on the station.

Vasimalcrum hates everyone, Denrik wants more operations, Verona hates everyone, Sen. Barth is a super hotty, very mercurial; saying that he has xenos compliments, kind of a liberal; Magos Marcadavian is super boring.

Meeting with Marcadavian: Lathes wants a foothold in the region; think new governorship is needed. Would develop a relationship with new rulers. 18 months would be needed for new trade route, Giliam are ok with that. Can approve of hardware being an investment. Lathes would support a “Winterscale” for new leadership in the region. Only real Winterscale is the “assassin slut” who only knows protocol, per Marcadavian.

Comms Officer – endearing myself to her, joined her in bowling alley. She is incredibly bright and therefore bored, and also lack of opportunity to excel. Also, she was disciplined for not excelling, which has made her sort of discontent. Mentioned that Personnel manager is right wing fascist; responsible for 1037 deaths, mostly executions for failures, some people have just gone missing, about 200 were flogged to death.

Have Comms officer send a message to Bosun “from” the Governor, Red Scorpions are searching for makar (? illicit drug of some sort). Very important that it seems to come from the Governor….sooo….message was sent, apparently someone misunderstood, so some space marines and storm troopers found contraband in the Bosun’s quarters. The Bosun is now going to be executed. We now have to actually get out replacement legitimately installed. Reduvius has been oddly silent about his success…

Reduvius was taken by stormtroopers, but while in an elevator he invoked a psychic power that ended up obliterating the elevator and everyone inside. “He” somehow survived, and now Merek (whose utter insubordination will have to be dealt with soon) is bringing some manner of cargo container to Reduvius’ position to help convey him covertly back to Docking Bay C.

Convinced the Comms officer to willingly leave her station, the replacement and her are spending 8 hours discussing recent activities to help improve her cover. I’ve sealed the door with an order requiring three times as many high level clearances before my quarters can be searched by security. She believes I’m a Winterscale.

Sen. Bart: can assassinate the Bosun, can also provide transport for our Bosun candidate to make him arrive on station from a new vantage point. Also, Sen. Bartholomew took a drop of my blood. He thinks the Winterscales are going to provide the Gilliam Dynasty with extra resources so the Gilliams can make a claim on the world with the adamantium. This should help destabilize the area.

Our new Bosun was brought aboard under Sen. Bart’s Ficault Trans. connection. I rallied the people and created a wave of enthusiasm for the new Bosun, “a man of the people!”

Brought the Lady Delilah aboard our ship and back to the Sephnir (the mining vessel); Merek is keeping her sedated for now.

Refer to incident 146 when getting through the Foreman at the checkpoint. The foreman from the asteroid referred him to a promotion and he now earns 9 times his original pay. Mention this up front and we can probably get through the VIP exit and bypass the scans.

Code 1-2 on alarm on the other side, through the red door with the “alarm will sound” sign.


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